video learning

learning with films, interactive video stories and animations

from simple to dynamic

A speaker in front of the camera, an actor playing a role, an interview, a scenario in which decisions must be made, an illustration of a process, an interactive film with gaming elements or a 360° experience: we make it.

From “real” film to 2D to 3D design and production of animations.

Take a look at examples we use to support learning and feel free to ask us for information.

examples of video learning


Gain insight into dangers that can occur from within.



How to work safely with hazardous materials.



Insider Threats can cause significant conflicts if not handled correctly.



An interview is used to answer a question or to clarify a situation.


Practical situation

Series of examples of practical situations concerning feedback and communication skills. Use in an online training course on leadership.


Explanation by expert

In this case, an actor in the skin of…



Explanation of a Leadership Program.



Introduction of a practical case study.



Problem solving illustrated.


Case in point

This could happen if you don’t know the rules. Part of an induction training on what to do and what not to do. As recognizable as possible in the picture. Fictitious situation.


Guided tour

Example of a tour of a location. Part of a learning program on substantive subject matter, illustrated with practical examples.


What do you do when?

Case study illustrating a real-life situation.



We dive into your question, analyze and discuss possible solutions.

Storyboard & design

We develop a storyline and create a style.


We work out the storyline and interactions in detail.

Film production

We make the film or animation.

Edit & editing

We bring parts together and test if everything works.


Ready to learn!

video appeals to the imagination and is accessible in every situation

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