Stories about digital learning

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  • Home-made e-learning

    Reading time 4 minuten

    As a mother of two, twice a year I toy with the idea of baking them a beautiful birthday cake,...

  • Romanian Splintters at Hackathon

    Reading time 5 minutes

    Romanian Splintters recently took part in the Codecamp Hackathon, a 24-hour programming marathon...

  • About gamechangers, exiting innovations and L&D in 2030

    Reading time 5 minuten

    The Learning & Performance Institute asked the following question. Nice to think about and...

  • Why we started in Romania

    Reading time 5 minutes

    In English, so my colleagues in Iași (Romania) can read it too. After all, it is all about them...

  • E-learning: nobody is used to learning this way, right?

    Reading time 2 minuten

    When I was on holiday, I met a high school German teacher. She and her husband were playing a...

  • About baby boomers, millennials and a time machine

    Reading time 4 minutes

    Last week I attended a business event targeted towards operational managers. They discussed the...

  • And what do you do?

    Reading time 2 minutes

    Recently, I was once again the weakest link during a birthday party where I knew no one....