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Reality Check

For Prikkl, in collaboration with JAM-IT, we have developed an eLearning that provides insight into your financial situation in an accessible way.

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The AITRAP was looking for an eLearning that would make Europeans more aware of the risks and dangers of Insider Threats.

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For BOIP (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property) we have developed an eLearning tool about intellectual property.

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H2K online

For H2K online, we developed a digital learning platform, which is used to supplement its education and training programmes.

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Distance at work

A demo to make employees aware of the rules for keeping a distance.

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Market Abuse Centre

For the MAC, we set up an online platform with training for professionals, on insider trading and more…

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Jewebco wanted a digital learning platform to complement its classroom education and training.

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To70 Aviation

To70 is a leading aviation consultancy and was looking for an agency that could help them digitise learning materials for employees at airports.

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For primary school children we developed the interactive workshop Wilhelmus in the classroom, with information about Willem van Oranje, a quiz and a teacher’s guide.

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