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customized eLearning

effective online learning solutions that are fully tailored to the target group

What is custom eLearning?

Tailor-made eLearning means developing an online learning solution that fully meets your specifications. The learning materials are fully adapted based on target group, learning objectives, specific content and corporate identity. Whether it concerns eLearning modules or, for example, video-learning: learning activities are developed on the basis of a concept, in which there is careful collaboration between the client and the developer. In this way, eLearning is tailored to suit the target group.

What is important in eLearning tailored to your needs?

When developing customised eLearning, it is important that the collaboration between client and developer/eLearning agency runs smoothly. In addition to a high quality product, a pleasant collaboration is a very important part, because it ultimately influences the quality of eLearning. To guarantee this process we use a 6-step plan. With the help of these 6 steps we get a clear picture of the needs, the client knows where he/she stands and we avoid ambiguities during the cooperation.

The 6 steps for successful customised eLearning

If the 6 steps are successfully completed, you as a client are guaranteed to receive a fitting, pleasant and fun eLearning tailored to your needs.

Step 1 – Initiation
In the first step we receive and discuss all materials, think of specific documentation and oral knowledge transfer. After that, we deepen our knowledge and develop a global approach to the learning solution. We’ll go over it in a second session.

Step 2 – Storyboard & design
When we agree on the overall design of the learning solution, we develop a storyboard and design. During a content session we fine-tune these and process any adjustments.

Step 3 – Scripting
Once the changes have been made to the storyboard, we will start scripting. This means that we fill the storyboard with the actual content. When the script is ready, you will receive a version for review.

Step 4 – Media Production
We process the chosen media and edit it where necessary: e.g. images.

Step 5 – Composition
We bring all the parts together in eLearning. We’re testing if everything works. After that there will be another review moment with the objective to the put the finishing touches.

Step 6 – Delivery
Finally, we deliver everything according to the specifications. Ready to use!

When is tailored eLearning a wise choice?

A complete customised online learning solution is a wise choice if you have specific, business-oriented or -sensitive content that you want to offer to a target group in your own style.

If, for example, you are looking for eLearning that is fully in line with your target group, that incorporates a house style, that must be available in your own learning environment and that uses the latest learning methods (such as VR, AR and video-learning), then it is wise to choose eLearning tailored to your needs. In this case you get a 100% custom solution.

For example, if you have less budget space or want to use existing concepts and possibly also content, 50% tailor-made can offer a suitable solution. The basis is based on an existing format and the eLearning is adapted with content, media and style elements such as logo and color use.

Of course, you can also choose a ready solution if available, with a number of custom additions. For example, a video, appendix or a separate test.

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How do you customize eLearning?

How you tailor eLearning can vary enormously. Organisation X wants a different learning solution than organisation Y and the same goes for organisation Z. However, there are principles that we adhere to, in order to create a suitable online learning solution for almost every organisation. All the learning products we develop for customers have a solid didactic basis, combined with strong content. For this we use the following didactic principles:


We apply game principles to motivate the participant.

Brain learning

We optimize our solutions with the brain learning theory.


With badges we make progress explicit, which stimulates continuation.

Visually attractive

We use a fresh combination of text, image and sound.

Common thread

We take the participant into a catchy story, scenario or metaphor.


We develop learning solutions with the target group in mind.

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