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Driven professionals with a passion for didactics and technology

Meet our educationalists, occupational and organizational psychologists, graphic designers, interaction & UX designers, media experts, software developers, marketing specialists, sales crew and Ivan.

Philip van der Eijk

concept lead

I want to take people into a logical story. First create relevance and motivation, then explain and then make practical.


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Jan Dirk Schaftenaar

operations manager

Developing eLearning is an agile process that involves continuous fine-tuning. I like to make sure it goes smoothly.


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Natasja Jager


I like to look for solutions that fit within the framework of our clients, with a view to a business case.


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Niels van Drimmelen


I am an entrepreneur with strong IT affinity. I like to develop concepts into functionality.


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Rosa Hendriks

eLearning developer

I am dedicated, focused and have a good eye for detail. I like to manage projects from a down-to-earth, flexible approach.


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Ivan the Red

cat makes you laugh

Besides lazing around during online meetings, Ivan loves to climb trees. He makes us laugh and “all over the place”.


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Renate Vervaart

eLearning developer

I love making lessons digital. Diving deep into the subject matter and rendering it in a way that suits you exactly.


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Suzanna van Petegem

support manager

I love it when products go out well. I love to support and always with a smile!


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Jaro Wetzer

media & design

Form supports a story. Experience is important to me.


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Robin Goebel


Increasing the findability and brand awareness of Splintt is a daily job for me, which I enjoy doing! I do this by using my expertise and by making use of good SEO and SEA.


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Laura Dechesne

sales team leader

I love to do sales and train new sales staff! That’s what gives me energy!


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Pascal Looman


Helping the customer to create added value, that’s what makes me happy! And I’m very curious.


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Ridwan Ham


A pleasant cooperation is just as important to me as delivering a good product. And giving up, I don’t know!


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Roos Boswinkel

sales & business innovation

Making customers happy with a suitable solution is my goal. Even more fun if I can come up with new solutions too!


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Qian Hong Lin

UX designer Philpaper LMS

Helping the customer to create added value, that’s what makes me happy! And I’m very curious.


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Work with us?

if you want a real challenge…

Bring it on. Feel free to send us your CV, motivation and the role you aspire to. And then we’ll look!


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Dan Gavrilliu

full stack .NET developer

I know Philpaper like the back of my hand. Always with a focus on creating a solid system based on clean code.


Livia Miron

eLearning project lead

It starts with a plan. I like to keep a solid overview of all the specific tasks that need to be executed during a production process.


Daniela Enascu

eLearning specialist

I love to find out the technical possibilities based on a concept and storyboard using third party authoring tools like Articulate and Lectora.



places again from February

In the field of education science, sales & marketing, UX design. Feel free to send us your CV and motivation,


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Ketano-Leonard Tinca

full stack .NET developer

Working on the Philpaper LMS to create great functionality and user experience.


Paula Lupes

software tester

You can hardly be thorough enough. Testing, testing, testing. This results in minimum issues for the clients.


Florentina Patrascu

.NET developer

I love to develop new functionalities. Think about it, discover options, doing research. Building. Testing. My thing!


Larisa Cernaut

Q & A engineer

Quality is my theme. I like to ensure that software works as it should.