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It can no longer be ignored as a way of transferring knowledge, increasing insight and training skills.

eLearning in short

E-learning is becoming increasingly well known among organisations and companies, from small to large. As a solution for transferring knowledge, increasing insight and training skills, e-learning has become an ideal and indispensable tool. With a good e-learning design a lot can be achieved.

With the same ease with which we make our purchases online these days, such as shoes but also our groceries, we are also learning more and more online. In the business world, these learning resources are usually not developed in-house, but rather outsourced in whole or in part. By outsourcing it to a suitable e-learning provider, its quality is guaranteed. The quality of the e-learning is expressed in the connection with the target group, an appropriate and recognizable design and well-built content. Content written in an educational/didactical way is important in order to guarantee the connection with the target group. All these points are essential to ensure an effective learning experience and learning outcomes.

Let’s take a closer look at the origin of the term ‘e-learning‘ and what it is ideally suited for.

What is e-learning?

The term e-learning is a collective term for the creation and design of learning situations using internet technology. Want to read more about the history of e-learning? With the help of software systems and eLearning tools, it is possible to follow training courses online and on any device. This can be a complete online learning environment (using an lms) and also separate online learning activities that can be followed via a website or Android/iOS app.

E-learning is in fact a fairly broad concept for online learning. We see it above all as a learning tool for successfully transferring knowledge and skills and increasing awareness, regardless of the specific learning form. The effectiveness of this learning tool depends on the target group for which it is used.

Develop your own e-learning

Where most organisations and educational institutions choose a standard solution, a personalized system (tailor made) has many advantages. This is also the reason why larger companies (1000 employees or more) often opt for this, mainly because it is profitable for them to use an e-learning system specially developed for them.

Of course you can make e-learning yourself, using eLearning tools but in practice it is more complicated than it seems. You’re not there yet with just ICT or educational knowledge. If you really want e-learning to come into its own, it is wise to hire an e-learning professional for this purpose. Do you think your staff is capable of developing e-learning themselves? Then we recommend that you read more about how best to develop your own e-learning using the 3 best eLearning tools.

Setting up an effective e-learning design

The quality and design of an e-learning is important, but the design is also an important part. Take a look at Instagram or Twitter, for example. Both websites look user-friendly and nice, while the design and user experience (UX) has been carefully considered during the development of these sites. When developing e-learning or an online learning environment it is very important that everything looks neat and tidy. Moreover, certain scientific studies have shown that the use of colour has an impact on learning performance.

A professional e-learning developer or provider can tell you more about the best way to use color, design content, use of images and their layout in the e-learning.


The possibilities of e-learning

E-learning offers many opportunities for companies, organizations and governments. With the help of e-learning it is for example possible to inform staff quickly about (new or changed) processes, products, system or laws and regulations. At the same time, e-learning is an ideal learning tool for participants, as they no longer need to attend a training course on location. A classroom training that starts punctually at 09:00 in the morning, on average half an hour’s drive from the participants, is something of the past.

As an entrepreneur or manager, you don’t have to worry about excessive entry costs of e-learning. With e-learning you can start small, such as taking a single course from an external provider, without having to invest heavily in having an online learning platform developed from scratch. Industry courses or e-learning by theme are also available. These courses are focused on industry or theme, such as information security. The costs of developing these courses or themes are then spread over several customers, making them less expensive. This is an ideal solution for companies and organizations that want an e-learning on a specific topic.

The possibilities of e-learning are (almost) infinite, which we would like to show you on our e-learning services page.

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