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eLearning for legal & compliance

train knowledge and skills efficiently with online learning solutions


At Splintt online training services we develop eLearning. From a simple design with well written text, to learning experiences with interactive video.

We are experienced in creating custom online learning solutions on Codes of Conduct, Compliance, Data Protection, Anti-Fraud, Risk Management, Privacy and many more …

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codes of conduct and regulations

Whether people work in a financial environment, at the headquarters of an industrial company or in a manufacturing environment, it is pretty important that they stay well trained.

Knowledge must be up to standard, new laws and regulations must be complied with, and the safe handling of information is essential.

With online learning solutions you can contribute to this efficiently and measurably.

“From the beginning of the development process to the implementation of the Code of Conduct e-learning developed by Splintt, everything has gone smoothly.”

The e-learning has been very well received by all employees around the world.


Zeno Lagerweij
Continuous Improvement Engineer


“We were looking for a different way of training. In a very fun, interactive way. Playful and frivolous, without doing injustice to the serious nature of our content. We succeeded.”

Jerry de Leeuw
DGA Market Abuse Centre


“Working with Splintt is not only professional, but a joy.
They make fantastic training courses and have also helped us tremendously with strategic thinking about setting up our CEVA Academy, with a lot of mutual trust and fun!”

Jacques Hartman
Senior Vice President

Possible learning solutions

Are you looking for an eLearning solution that seamlessly connects to your organization, topic and target group?

Our learning solutions:

100% customization

At 100% customization, everything is developed on the basis of a concept. With this, a learning solution fits seamlessly.

50% customization

At 50% customization, we use templates and formats in which we incorporate course material. Which saves time and costs.


With content libraries we offer various ready-made eLearnings. For example in the field of security, privacy and data protection.


Video learning

With video learning, your participants can learn with film, interactive video stories and animations.

Virtual Reality

Great for showing hard to reach locations or practicing conversations.

Learning Platform LMS

Our user-friendly learning platform Philpaper can be quickly deployed to make eLearning materials available online.

Learning portals & landing pages

If you want a customized entrance for your participants, we will design and build a portal.

Making eLearning practical and recognisable, that’s what we do

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