eLearning for Construction

We convert the knowledge from your organisation into accessible online learning tools.

Train online

Whether people work in a DIY store, on a production site, at a contractor’s office or in a construction warehouse, it’s important that they stay properly trained.

Knowledge must be up to standard, new laws and regulations must be complied with and safe working is essential.

We support our clients with online training in construction.

We do this with practical online learning solutions, such as eLearning modules, films and 360-degree media.

Training in construction

Safety is high on our clients’ agenda. Keeping employees alert and focused on working safely requires continuous attention.

This also applies to the conscious use of information. The areas of what you can and cannot do are sometimes grey, and before you know it, you are falling into a hacker’s trap.

Other common issues include onboarding, onboarding programs and product training.


From getting to know the company to extensive induction training.


Focused on the specific products being developed or delivered.

System training

Training in the use of a system.


Working safely in a specific location.

Hazardous substances

Safe handling of chemical products.

Security Awareness

Safe handling of information and privacy legislation.

What we make

We develop custom online learning solutions. The better the solution fits the practice, the better people learn and remember.

Where possible we use concepts, formats and content we already have. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and this also saves on costs.

We work closely with content experts from our client’s organisation.


Most requested

  • eLearning about products
  • Induction training / onboarding
  • Learning platform
  • elearning about safety

Examples of projects

Product training - wet offloading


Induction training - onboarding

Construction size

Sustainable building


Safe working - familiarization programme


Product training - roof insulation


Breaking-in - cashier training

Construction size

Product training - sand-lime brick


Fraud and theft

Construction size

Product training - flat roof