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eLearning for care and well-being

Training knowledge and skills efficiently with online learning solutions


Whether people work with patients or have to deal with equipment and machines, it is quite important that they remain well trained.

Knowledge must be up to standard, new laws and regulations must be complied with, safe working is essential.

With online learning solutions you can contribute to this efficiently and measurably.

Themes with which we have a lot of experience

Professional knowledge & specialisms

We convert teaching material into eLearning solutions. We work closely with your subject matter experts.

Health, Safety & Environment

We develop, among other things, interactive videos, with which this theme can be trained very aptly online.

Instruction training / onboarding

From a simple introduction to the company to a comprehensive curriculum with all facets.

Information safety / security

We offer a standard product and create custom interactive videos.

Codes of conduct, Risk & Compliance

We have a lot of experience in converting policies into catchy eLearning modules.

Processes, machines & systems

Animations and simulated environments lend themselves well within this theme.


Kwintes wants to guide her clients as well as possible towards independent living. One of the components of a learning program is a playful and interactive eLearning.

Isala Academy

From the use of a microscope to infection prevention. And from system training to skills & drill for obstetrics. We convert professional knowledge into eLearning modules and videos.


Dutch Youth Health Centre

Dealing with privacy in youth health care: what does that mean in practice?

some of our clients in this sector

Possible learning solutions

Are you looking for an eLearning solution that seamlessly connects to your organization, topic and target group?
With customization we can guarantee that.

Our learning solutions:

100% customization

At 100% customization, everything is developed on the basis of a concept. With this, a learning solution fits seamlessly.

50% customization

At 50% customization, we use templates and formats in which we incorporate course material. Which saves time and costs.

Content libraries

In our content libraries you will find ready-made eLearnings, arranged by theme. Access to these content libraries is possible on a subscription basis. See the Security Library as an example.


Video learning

With video learning your participants can learn with film, interactive video stories and animations.

Virtual Reality

Extremely suitable to show difficult to reach locations, as part of an onboarding trajectory and to train skills, for example for Safety.

Learning Platform LMS

Our user-friendly learning platform Philpaper can be quickly deployed to make eLearning materials available online. Learn more about this learning management system?

Learning portals & landing pages

We place all relevant information on a learning portal. The learning portal provides direct access to free-to-follow material and can be logged in for access to restricted eLearnings.

an appropriate solution, we’ll take care of that

Are you looking for a solution to your situation?