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about us

We are Splintt online training services.

We develop eLearning programs. Fully or partially customized. From simple modules to interactive learning experiences and video learning.

We work for clients in industry, healthcare & welfare, construction, the financial sector, government and for knowledge transfer organizations. We are very experienced in creating specialized skills courses, safety trainings, eLearnings on information security, risk and compliance.

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why clients choose us

for every budget

We offer smart solutions, from simple interactive to high-end experience… and for every budget.


We offer more than 20 years of experience in the field of didactics and software development.


Clients appreciate the cooperation with an average of 8,7!

what we do for clients

Are you looking for an online learning solution that seamlessly connects to your organization, topic and target group?

We offer a range of possibilities:

100% customization

Everything we will developed based on a solid concept. In this way a learning solution fits seamlessly.

50% customization

We use templates and formats in which we incorporate offline course material. That saves time and costs.

Content libraries

In our content libraries you will find ready-to-use eLearnings, arranged by theme. Access to these content libraries is possible on a subscription basis. Ask us for a demo. 


Video learning

With video learning your participants can learn with film, interactive video stories and animations.

Virtual Reality

Very suitable to show locations that are difficult to reach, as part of an onboarding trajectory and to train capabilities, such as handling a machine, following procedures or social skills.

Learning management system

Our user-friendly learning platform Philpaper can be quickly deployed to make eLearning materials available. Read more about this learning management system.

Learning portals & landing pages

A learning portal (landing page / website) can be used to offer specific information about a learning program.

we ensure fitting online learning solutions