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  • The question

    From the beginning of 2016, insurers need to comply to Solvency II, the new regulatory framework in the international insurance business. Solvency II and Risk Based Capital are theoretical and complex subjects. At Ageas, the professionals working with Solvency II are spread around the world.

    Ageas not only wanted to educate their employees in these new regulations all at the same time, offering the same information worldwide. They also wanted to make sure everybody understands how Ageas interprets and executes the new framework by taking their responsibilities in Risk Based Capital a step further.

  • The solution

    Working with the subject matter experts at Ageas, we realised that the professionals were already well-informed on some parts of the subject, but lacked knowledge on other parts. Therefore, we opted for a set of e-learning modules they can choose from. And even inside the modules, they can choose which ‘snack’ of knowledge they want to follow first.

    Important for Ageas was that professionals are motivated to get the information, instead of forcing the sometimes (let’s be honest) dull information on them. By selecting the essential learnings and presenting them in bite-size snacks, the daunting subject of Solvency II has become easily digestible and even enjoyable to learn.

    To even further enhance an enjoyable learning experience, a lot of time and effort has gone into the design of the learning snacks. The design ensures a clear presentation of information, working with text, question types, a glossary of terms, hotspots, visuals, animation and film. The latter being used to share the knowledge of Ageas' own subject matter experts.

    All targeted to an international highly-educated audience living the modern urban life.

  • The client

    When starting the development of this Risk Based Capital e-learning, we faced important challenges, e.g. how to select the right content out of an abundance of existing material; how to ‘vulgarise’ the often complex content into ‘understandable’ language. On top of that, it was our first experience in developing a complete online course. And all that within a tight timeframe.
    We launched the course in February 2017. The first results show that quite a lot of our employees found their way to this e-learning course and the modular approach seems to be the right one: some colleagues go through the modules in a chronological order, others only select the topics where they think they can still expand their knowledge while some immediately go to the final test to obtain their certificate.
    Based on this experience, we will continue to further promote this course within the company. The e-learning will be updated in 2018, thereby keeping RBC 'top of mind'.

    Patrick Vandewalle - Director Talent & Development Ageas

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