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Jolijn van Eunen

Jolijn van Eunen

21 Sep 2017 Reading time 4 minuten

As a mother of two, twice a year I toy with the idea of baking them a beautiful birthday cake, sporting their latest hobby or favourite cartoon character. And every time, after getting the right recipe and the right kitchen appliances, I look at these lists on Facebook, with the recipe photo on the left and the end result created by a mum like me on the right (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please google “cakes gone wrong” and have a laugh at deformed Minions and Elsa’s). And every year, up to now, common sense prevailed.

Please understand that I do like cooking and I do mess with flour and sugar and recipes together with the kids, but then the main purpose is to have fun. And I teach the kids some basic skills (including tidying up the kitchen). But I fool nobody into believing I’m a pro.

Lately, we had a few early discussions with potential clients, who decided to go for home-made e-learning. They reason; we do have the right (authoring) tools and the right recipe, so what should be the problem? Well…

After many years of experience, as a team, we create these beautiful e-learning pictures on the left. Our e-learnings have all the right ingredients (didactics, technics, design and a pinch of fun) which are used in the right proportions. That’s why we are confident enough to sell them. Next to creating e-learning we coach clients who decide to create their own e-learnings, after they partnered up with us for the first few. We train them, give feedback, review the end result and make sure we all enjoy the process.

Therefore, we encourage you to get the right tools and ingredients and have some fun. Learn the steps and find out which disciplines are involved and decide which one you want to become a professional in. And when your e-learning turns out as a picture on the right. No worries, you can always go to our store and buy one. We won’t tell.

PS: The beautiful cupcakes in the picture are actually created by my colleague Claudia. Some people really do create these pictures on the left.

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